Attention Music Teachers

Are you looking to give your students a great, low cost opportunity to participate in a music group under the supervision of a professional coach? Would your students benefit from playing with others at their same level in a professional studio environment?

My name is Speedy Beers and I have a wide variety of experience playing and coaching in symphonies, small string ensembles, jazz combos, rock bands and fiddle groups. I also play and teach guitar, bass, violin, viola and mandolin.

I am now offering professional coaching in group settings that are specifically tailored to meet each student's musical abilities and interests. My group programs are designed to enhance the pleasure, enjoyment and benefits that the students get under the tutelage of their current individual instructors.

I have found that the group setting is a wonderful format in which developing musicians can gain experience and build confidence in their skills while finding more purpose in their practice. By participating in these supportive, socially enjoyable music groups, your students are provided the opportunity to play with others in a totally non threatening group environment—while improving their skills at the same time. These groups tap into the wide-ranging benefits of peer learning and can facilitate opportunities for them to review and reinforce the concepts that their individual teachers are working to develop.

I am currently accepting applications for the upcoming sessions.

All of this is offered in a large studio environment that helps enhance the authentic performance experience. My sound system—featuring directional microphones for singers, horn players and acoustic guitars—creates a dynamic, professional quality acoustic setting for your students. The studio also contains a Yamaha keyboard with amplifier and an amplified Roland electronic drum set V series TD-SKW.

Please see my contact page for more information. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Speedy Beers
Note: This is an opportunity for students to play in a group setting under the supervision of a professional coach. This is not individual instruction. My groups are designed to enhance the instruction that is provided by the individual music teacher. I will not actively solicit students as part of this program.